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Energy prices have risen to such extent in recent years that more and more people are looking in to ways of generating their own power. At Smart Solutions we provide a solar pv installation service that enables you to generate your own power while reaping the financial benefits at the same time. Solar energy is incredibly effective in the UK, even on cloudy days the panels still create energy from diffused light. Solar energy will generate you an income for every kWh of energy you produce with the current rate being 21p per kWh.

Photovoltaics Overview

The Government has published proposals to provide you with a premium for electricity you generate from a solar PV (photovoltaic) system on your property. The incentive – known as a tariff (also being branded as the Clean Energy Cashback scheme) – is proposed to last for 25 years and came into effect in April 2010.

What’s the opportunity?

By installing a solar PV system on your roof , based on the current Government proposals you will be entitled to:

  • Savings in electricity payments from the clean, renewable electricity you generate
  • A Tax free Income from electricity you sell (an export tariff)
  • A secure tax free investment that is not subject to any recessionary fluctuations
  • A hedge against rising electricity prices
  • A great sense of satisfaction, knowing you are doing your bit to cut carbon!
  • A Tax free Income from all the electricity you generate (21p per kwh)

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